About Us

Kenyan lives matter

At Katani Hospital our number one goal is to “Cancel Appointments with Death, Dying, Disability and Illness and Restore You to Wellness and Life.”

Katani Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital founded by Modesta Vesonder, CEO and Terrance L. Baker, MD, MS; Sollay Kenyan Foundation, and friends and family. This institution aims to provide the highest standards of medical care to all patients regardless of financial resources.

Katani Hospital has a capacity of 144 beds with two operation theaters and a staff with experienced, well-trained physicians and nurses. We are partnering with local and regional hospitals; community physicians; community nurses; and nurse mid-wives to provide a network of clinics throughout the Nairobi community as well as remote areas of Kenya. We believe that this network of hospitals, clinics, physicians, nurses, practitioners, nurse mid-wives and local area medicine men will ensure that all patients in our immediate community as well as the Kenyan community in general will have medical services available that are often readily needed in order to save a patients life and to prevent unnecessary disability.

Since we opened in October 2018, dedicated by Prime Minister Raila Amollo Odinga, we have continued to grow with a substantial increase in our medical services.

24-Hour Accident & Emergency Care

24-Hour Pharmacy

Male, Female & Pediatric Wards

Medical, Surgical & Diagnostic Services

Rehabilitation, Mental Health & Palliative Care

Affordable Treatment Plans

Our Vision

To be a trusted leader in Kenya caring for people and advancing health with the mission to understand that every Kenyan life matters.

Our Mission

To serve our patients, doctors, nurses, staff and our communities to provide basic medical care resulting in relief with the understanding that every Kenyan life matters.

Letter from our CEO

Katani Hospital is committed to meeting patients needs throughout the Katani community; city of Nairobi and the entire Kenyan nation. The management team of Katani Hospital is fully committed to providing quality care to all patients presenting to Katani Hospital. The hospital places high emphasis on continued improvement of the care provided to each patient in order to meet and to exceed the expectations of that patient. This is done with the aim of achieving the following main strategic objectives:

  • To position Katani Hospital as the preferred hospital of choice based upon a known history of compassion; dedicated service and loyalty to our patients.
  • Katani Hospital has developed a clinical and non-clinical approach to healthcare with total commitment to serving our patients.
  • Providing appropriate necessary evaluations, care and treatment of each patient using state of the art and technological advancements in healthcare to ensure that patients receive the best possible outcome.
  • To provide patients with evidence based treatments resulting in the patient receiving proven medical approaches to treating their disease process.
  • Highly qualified and experienced professionals operating in a state of the art facility makes Katani Hospital a reputable world class healthcare provider.
  • Continuous review and striving for excellence Katani Hospital is able to achieve its belief that “All Kenyan Lives Matter”.

Modesta Vesonder, CEO
Terrance L. Baker, MD MS

Our Core Values



Partnership with Country Leaders

Networking with Kenyan Hospitals & Clinics

Excellence in Service Delivery

Integrity Consistent with Our Beliefs & Values

Diversity. Recognizing the differences of the patients and families who seek our care as well as those who provide it.

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We are located at Katani, along Syokimau-Katani Road, off Hospital Road. We offer 24-hour full-service certified pharmacy, laboratory, labor and delivery service, emergency services and medical admissions.